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Hugo Hotel to be Demolished, 'Defenestration' May Live On

The city has set a demolition date for September to level the former Hugo Hotel, but that does not necessarily mean the end of Brian Goggin's 'Defenestration' art installation, lovingly hanging from the building's exterior. Goggin, who describes his work as "spur-of-the-moment creative bursts of energy" plans to move his exhibit to yet-undecided site. The artist also hopes a portion of the work can be incorporated into the new Mercy Housing project that will be built at the 6th Street location, perhaps similar to the piano installation at the nearby AVA apartment complex. For now, the installation will remain on display to the public, as well as a brand new exhibit inspired by the artwork at the ArtHaus Gallery, opening April 4.
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Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA