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1050 Valencia Gets its Groove Back, Minus a Nip/Tuck

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The contentious project for 1050 Valencia has hit another roadblock. Last week the SF Board of Appeals voted 4-0 to reverse their December decision to remove a floor from the development. By adding back the floor, the project now has a total of 12 units. As you recall, the original project called for a 55-ft, 5-story, 12-unit building with no car parking which was approved last September. A neighborhood group appealed the approval, so last December the Board of Appeals chopped off a floor of the design in compromise. Now supporters of the project shot back, saying the California "Housing Accountability Act" only allows a local agency to reduce the density of a project below what is zoned when there is a "specific adverse impact on public health and safety" unless the density is reduced. Board of Appeals agreed that wasn't the case, and added the top floor back in to the project (but scaled down with a 10-12' setback). Inevitably the very vocal opponents won't be happy about this change, so we'll have to wait and see what their next step will be.
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