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Hotel Head-to-Head: Two $450/Night Hotels Battle It Out

Imagine that you've got about $450 to spend on a San Francisco hotel room tonight. How do you choose where to lay your head? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out head-to-head.

Hotel: St. Regis / Four Seasons
Price: $455 / $445
Neighborhood: Union Square / Union Square
Room type: Deluxe / Deluxe
Special Amenities: Butler service (suites only) / Babysitting service, children's DVDs
Restaurant: Ame, Vitrine / MKT
Spa: Remède / Sports Club LA
Pets?: Yes, $150 / Yes, $125

At the Saint Regis, the deluxe room entails 450-480 square feet, a king-size bed, designer furniture, and a location on floors 6-18 with a city-view. The spa is ultra-luxe, with chilled champagne, artisanal cheeses, and hand-made truffles on offer while you await your treatment. The 50-foot indoor infinity pool is open 24 hours, for those with Lost In Translation-style insomnia. The St. Regis offers signature butler service to draw your curtains in the morning and press your clothes, but that's only available to suites ($1k/night).

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The Four Seasons

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