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The Hilton Union Square Facelift Includes 37 New Rooms

The Hilton Union Square is San Francisco's largest hotel, boasting 1,911 rooms, occupying a 493-foot skyscraper and two hulking mid-rises. The hotel is massive as it is, but clearly not big enough for its current owners, who plan to add another 37 rooms to the property between now and 2016. The expansion will occur in tandem with a $25M renovation that will transform 350 of Tower II's rooms over the next two years. This revamp comes hot on the heels of another one started in 2012, which refreshed rooms and common areas in Tower III. The new room designs for the upcoming renovation will no doubt be similar to the modern Indidesign interiors built out during the 2012 revamp. Future guests can expect clean lines, uncluttered bathrooms with glass-enclosed showers, as well as "dark woods and ocean-inspired colors". Sadly, despite the project's steep price tag and impressive scope, there currently aren't any plans to upgrade the Hilton tower's not-so-glam exterior.

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