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Detailed Polk Street Improvement Plans Out, Bikers Upset

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released plans for Polk Street upgrades that get down to the nitty gritty, block-by-block details. Polk Street currently has the second highest number of crashes among all city streets, and the upgrades aim to make the street both safer and greener with elements such as a raised bicycle lane between McCallister and California streets, bicycle signals and green-painted "sharrows" for areas where bikes and cars are meant to share lanes. Initially the project proposals called for a fully separated bike lane along the entire corridor, but those plans were scrapped last year to retain parking on the street. Cycling advocates are less than thrilled about the plans, with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition kicking off a "body-count clock" that measures how many injuries occur on Polk Street without fully separated bike lanes. The plans, which also include less controversial measures like bulb-outs, refreshed lighting and new trees, will go to the SFMTA's Board of Directors for a final vote this summer.

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