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First Look at the $15 Million Remodel of the Huntington Hotel

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The treasure historically known as the Huntington Hotel at the top of Nob Hill and across from Huntington Park is putting the finishing touches on its $15 million renovation, which includes a name change to The Scarlet Huntington. It will reopen in May. From the brief we learn that it was "designed to kindle the imagination and take guests on an adventure for the senses, The Scarlet Huntington presents an inimitable style that weaves together the city's vibrant history with a deep Peranakan heritage." San Francisco-based interior architecture and design firm Forrest Perkins designed the space. The new look will "preserve the integrity of the building," and renovations will also leave the Big 4 Restaurant and Nob Hill Spa intact. The designers were inspired by the iconic red brick exterior, and have used "opulent gold, sophisticated black and bright gemstone-inspired colors to convey sheer luxury and glamour."

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