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Here Now, a List of San Francisco's Most Unique Hotels

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Like any metropolis worth its salt, San Francisco offers a wealth of sleeping options for the weary traveler, from the ultra posh, to the safe motel standbys, to the $10 a night hostels full of Europeans. If you're looking for something less on the beaten track, our city has you covered as well, with these quirky, famous, hidden and spooky options Curbed has rounded up for you. Each spot has a direct connection to San Francisco's rich history and strong neighborhood identity.

[Photo credits: Hotel Vertigo Website]

Spend a night in one of the sets for the Hitchcock thriller Vertigo, set in this historic Nob Hill hotel. When the exterior was first immortalized in cinema the spot was called the Empire Hotel; later changed to the York Hotel; now the name stems from the film running on a perpetual loop in the lobby. The location can't be beat, and the baroque-modern decor is oddly charming.

[Photo credits: ">Sleep Over Sauce Website]

You'll feel like you're either in a spy movie (or at least in Britain) when you check in with the bartender to pick up your keys for a room above Hayes Valley resto Sauce. What the establishment lacks in a front lobby they make up for with a cozy common space (not to mention direct access to the bar). Another neat aspect: your group can rent the all 8 rooms if need be.

[Photo credits: ">Queen Anne Hotel Website]

The Queen Anne Hotel represents a living piece of San Francisco's past – or rather not so living. This stunning Victorian was previously a finishing school, and is now rumored to be haunted by the former headmistress. Each room is unique, and the hotel offers various packages, including shopping, museum, romance and touring. Whether or not you have any paranormal encounters while here, you'll still feel a connection to the past while sipping sherry in the period-appropriate lobby, complete with grand piano and antiques.

[Photo credits: ">Red Vic Website]

If you're looking for something more lively, but also steeped in San Francisco history, check out the Red Vic Bed, Breakfast and Art Peace Center. Founder Sami Sunchild has created a living museum, for guests to gather and catch a glimpse of what Haight Ashbury might have actually been like once (before the tourism got completely out of hand). The center offers historic guided tours, peaceful world conversation, and self awareness games. Each of the bedrooms and shared bathrooms are themed, some prime examples being the Flower Child Room, the Summer of Love Room, the Earth Charter Room, and the Infinity Bathroom.

[Photo credits: ">Hotel Tomo Website]

If you've ever wanted to live in a Japanese anime, Hotel Tomo has what you want. Unique murals on the walls of each room, explosions of color, and adorable monster dolls help set the stage for your Japantown experience. Sleek modern furnishings, bean bags, and every gaming system imaginable doesn't hurt either.

[Photo credits: ">Ocean Park Motel Website]

Once set amongst sand dunes, Ocean Park Motel has managed to maintain its aura of seclusion over the 80+ years since construction. San Francisco's first motel was honored by the Art Deco Society in 1987 for "preservation of this Streamline Moderne beauty." This 1930's beauty rests just blocks from the beach, and pays tribute to its romantic past of honeymooners with an outdoor hot tub. Nautical theming, and a dog-friendly policy add to the appeal.

[Photo credits: ">Inn at the Presidio Website]

This military bachelors-quarters-turned-inn is not only brimming over with historical details, but the space offers a secluded retreat in SF's gorgeous Presidio Park. Rent a room in the elegant main inn (22 rooms), or nab the suite in the nearby Funston House (4 rooms), a Victorian-style home that once housed U.S. Army officers and their families. This is the first and only hotel available in Presidio Park, which means reservations are hard to come by. · Behold, a Map of the Bay Area's Most Haunted Spots [SF Curbed]
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Inn at the Presidio

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