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Hotel Head-to-Head: Two $150/Night Hotels Battle It Out

Imagine that you've got about $150 to spend on a San Francisco hotel room this Friday night. How do you choose where to lay your head? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out head-to-head.

Hotel: Mystic Hotel / Motel Capri
Price: $159 / $160
Neighborhood: Union Square / Marina
Bed Size: One double / One king or two queens
Amenities: Nice restaurant & bar / Unique location
Freebies: Wifi, continental breakfast / Wifi, continental breakfast, and parking
Pets?: No / No

Mystic Hotel is an 8-floor, 82-room boutique hotel located right by the entrance to the Stockton Tunnel, near Union Square. The rooms have New York-charm, some with exposed brick, and posh bathrooms. The second floor houses the Burrit Room and Tavern, where guests can enjoy a fancy cocktail. The room you can get for $159/night is a Junior room with only one double bed. Complaints usually focus on lack of insulation - noise and no climate control.

Poll results

*Room rates reflect availably for Friday 3/28/14.