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It's Pizza Week: Iconic Pizzerias, Gluten-Free Pies, Interviews, Recommendations, More!

Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF editor Allie Pape shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

Pizzeria Delfina. [Photo: Patricia Chang]

SAN FRANCISCO—It's Pizza Week in the Eaterverse this week, with more pizza-related content than you can shake a pizza peel at. First up: our roundup of the 25 iconic SF pizzerias, both old- and new-school.

BAY AREA—Can't consume gluten? No problem: we've got 15 gluten-free pies around the Bay for you to try.

NORTH BEACH—Award-winning pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani can make every pizza variation under the sun. For our Lifers interview, the Tony's Pizza Napoletana impresario dished on his pizza tattoos and the time he nearly came to blows with Francis Ford Coppola over pie technique.

SOMA—A brief digression from pizza coverage: two big new restaurant openings also went down this week. Bar Agricole spinoff Trou Normand is up and running in SOMA, while brewpub Barrel Head Brewhouse is drawing big crowds in NOPA. We've got inside looks at both.

BAY AREA—OK, back to pizza. What will you drink with that delicious pie you're eating? We got wine recommendations from local sommeliers, and five craft bartenders gave us the dish on their favorite pizza cocktails (and the pies they like to eat with them).

BAY AREA—Speaking of pizza recommendations, we got some great ones from the source: people who work in pizzerias. Follow our pizza chain from pie shop to pie shop as the Bay's best recommend their favorites for their off-hours.

THE MISSION—Check out the scene at Pizzeria Delfina on a busy, summery Friday night in this gorgeous photo essay.

SAN FRANCISCO—An SF-based app wants to be the "Uber For Pizza." The next time you're inebriated and starving, give 'em a try.