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Inside the $1.9M Gain of a Richmond Arts & Crafts Flip

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The 3,238 square foot house at 339 31st Avenue sold for $1.08 million in 2012, which was $330K over its asking price. The home was in an unlivable state at the time, with a kitchen that needed to be ripped out and bright pink paint adorning some of the walls. The subsequent renovation has totally modernized the house, which was built in 1912, with all of the expected flipper finishes. Even the cottage in the backyard has been completely redone to create a separate small living quarters. When sold again last week, the home had a sale price of $2.988 million, meaning that it gained more than $1.9 million and joined another recent Richmond renovation as a big gainer. To see inside the total remodel, check out before and after photos after the jump.




Living Space:


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