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San Jose Approves Huge Office Development for Mystery Tenant

It's hard enough to keep a secret when seeking to develop a high-profile project, but when that project may be the city's largest commercial development ever, it's near impossible. Yet that's exactly what is happening with this week's news that San Jose has approved a 2 million sq. ft. mega-project without revealing the mystery tenant. The project will consist of 10 seven-story buildings over podiums and underground parking. An additional 77,000 sq. ft. will be devoted to amenities for the estimated 8,000 people employed at the campus. No one has yet revealed the tenant who has pre-leased the entire campus, but San Jose Mayor Reed said the North San Jose plan "allows a major company to stay here and grow," hinting that it may be a company already stationed in Silicon Valley.
· North San Jose megaproject plan advances, tenant remains a mystery [Silicon Valley Journal]