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Napa Valley Estate and Winery Can be Yours for $28.3M

Sure, many wine country estates come with the usual special features like pools, vineyards, guesthouses and wine cellars, but where are you supposed to stash your helicopter? Have your seclusion cake and eat it to with this newly listed Napa county villa featuring private helipad. The 39 acre estate has rolling vineyards of cabernet grapes, a gazebo, a guest house, and an 80 foot pool, while the Mediterranean residence boasts 6 bathrooms, a library, office and gym, and no less than 7 fireplaces in nearly 10,000 square feet. If all that isn't enough to tempt you, the seller is offering a chance to buy into the estate's "cult" wine brand. For only an additional $9.5 mil you can purchase the label, goodwill and remaining inventory, bringing you to a grand total of $28.3 million for the whole kit and kaboodle. As far as we can tell, the helicopter is not included. · 2900 Spring Mountain Road [Redfin]