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San Francisco Has Five of the Richest Neighborhoods in the US

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Five San Francisco neighborhoods are among the richest 1,000 in the United States based on mean household income. The ranking comes from the Higley 1000, a list that uses Census Bureau information to pick out the wealthiest areas in the country. The San Francisco neighborhoods that made the list, their national rankings, and their mean household income are:

#227: Sea Cliff ($321,878)
#276: Balboa Terrace ($308,244)
#461: Presidio Heights ($281,206)
#644: Russian Hill -Southeast ($263,623)
#940: Inner Richmond ($243,719)

San Francisco's show of wealth was easily topped by Silicon Valley, which placed 34 neighborhoods in the top 1,000. In fact, San Francisco didn't have a single neighborhood in the Bay Area's top ten. According to an article about the Higley 1000 in Atlantic Cities, this is because denser urban areas have more variance than suburbs, where large lot exclusionary zoning has allowed only the rich in. Cities have many rich residents, but there is a larger variety of housing, including rentals, within most city neighborhoods.

The Bay Area has 61 neighborhoods on the Higley 1000. Here are the top ten and their national rankings:

#13: Hillsborough Heights - Brewer Subdivision ($529,024)
#21: Diablo ($482,897)
#29: Fruitvale (Saratoga) ($451,448)
#31: Hillsbourough Oaksbridge - Ryan Tract ($439,682)
#33: Paradise Cay (Marin-Tiburon) ($437,226)
#151: Atherton ($340,915)
#155: Los Altos Hills ($338,932)
#173: Menlo Park Central ($333,990)
#198: Skyfarm-Carrolands (Hillsborough) ($328,999)
#220: Orinda View-Orinda Downs ($322,746)

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