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Checking in on Three Mid-Rise Towers on Mission Street

Welcome to San Francisco Rising, where Curbed checks in on the status of new towers contributing to San Francisco's increasingly tall skyline. Want to know more about a specific tower? Leave a comment after the jump or hit up the tipline.

Tower: 1400 Mission
Height: 15 floors, 170 feet (approximate)
Architect: Brand+Allen Architects
Specs: Rising from 10 floors on Mission to 15 floors at the corner of 10th, the building will house 190 affordable units to satisfy requirements for the Lumina development. The mix will consist of studio-to 3-bedroom units. Stacker units will accommodate up to 40 cars and 4,300 sq. ft. of retail will face 10th Street.
Currently: Without the need to excavate a basement, this building is moving the swiftest of the three featured today. The foundation is completely laid and supports are rising for the above-ground levels. Expect to see this building rise very quickly from this point, blocking the view of many newly-housed members of the adjacent Nema South tower.

Tower: 1415 Mission
Height: 12 floors, 130 feet (approximate)
Architect: Arquitectonica
Specs: 121 studio-, 1- and 2-bedroom units over ground floor retail and 2 floors of underground parking. 44 bicycle spaces will also be available.
Currently: While all three of these buildings started at about the same time, this one is progressing the slowest. The site seems to be adding some complications with horizontal bracing needed to keep back the street and neighboring building while excavation takes place. Still, it appears that excavation is nearly complete and work will continue as the workers prep for the foundation slab.

Tower: 1321 Mission
Height: 120 feet, 11 floors
Architect: Kwan Hemni
Specs: 160 micro-units (80 reserved for students) over 3,359 sq. ft. of retail space. 1 shared car parking, 240 bicycle spaces, community lobby and rooftop garden open space
Currently: The last of the three featured today to begin, this one is actually moving very rapidly, with the excavation already completed and the initial stages of the foundation done. At the pace the construction team is moving along another crane will be hoisted and this building will be out of the ground in no time.
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