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Massive Mid-Century 4-BR in Sea Cliff on the Market for $5.1M

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The 4,498-square foot home at 420 El Camino Del Mar that just listed for $5.1 million is filled with glass, wood paneling and geometric shapes. The house, built in 1958, was designed by modernist San Francisco architect Joseph Esherick, who won the prestigious gold medal of the American Institute of Architects and went on to design the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sonoma's Sea Ranch. Like many Esherick-designed houses, this one doesn't have impressive curb appeal, but inside there are floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Golden Gate, an elevator, skylights and high ceilings everywhere. The house needs some updates, but its straight-from-another-era feeling, complete with croquet game set up in the backyard, is part of the charm.
· 420 El Camino Del Mar [Redfin]