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Growing Push for T-Line Extension to Fisherman's Wharf

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MUNI's Central Subway tunnel boring machines have already made it past Union Square and are inching their way towards Chinatown. Once they make it to North Beach, the SFMTA plans extract the machines without building a station, and wave goodbye to the neighborhood. Many San Franciscans see that as completely nonsensical, and hope to convince transit authorities to keep the machines underground until they reach tourist-filled Fisherman's Wharf. Advocacy organization "SF NexTstop" has formed to fight for the extension of the subway project. To boot, two different articles on the subject appeared in the Chronicle this past week, signaling growing interest in the plans. Local officials are taking note, and the SFCTA is now planning to dedicate $150,000 towards a feasibility study for the extension. That by no means guarantees the subway will make it to the Wharf any time soon, but it's a push in the right direction nonetheless.
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