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$1.599M for 3,000 Square Feet of Gaudy in the Outer Richmond

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If there was ever a broker to over-blow a listing description, it would have to be the one who wrote the following introduction to this 5-bed, 4-bath house in the Outer Richmond:
Exquisite three story home features spacious living room with fireplace, elegant formal dining room, four bedrooms, three baths, a stunning gourmet kitchen with craftsman designed, and heated floors; magnificent adjoining family room and walk out patio, wonderful landscaping rear garden with gazebo and fountain highlighting the enchanting grounds.
The home is gaudy, the formal dining room is drab, the kitchen is small and dizzying with its clashing backsplash and wallpaper, and the rear garden is paved (rather than landscaped), featuring statues perhaps taken from LA's infamous House of Davids. The good news is that the property has a legal one bedroom apartment downstairs, which you could live in while you gut renovate the main house. Asking price is $1.599M. · 563 40th Ave [Redfin]