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Long-Vacant Lot to Finally Turn Mixed-Use on Van Ness

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Coming up before the Planning Commission tomorrow is a proposal to build a a 70,900 sq.ft., 27-unit, 6-story mixed-use building with ground floor commercial spaces, offices, and 35 off-street parking spots within two basement levels. Plans from Forum Design call for three retail spaces along Van Ness and 1,000 sq.ft. of office space on the second floor, with the upper floors holding one 1-bedroom, eighteen 2-bedrooms, and eight 3-bedrooms. The site used to be a gas station, but has been sitting vacant since 1989 as various proposed projects fizzled out. There has been any neighborhood comment one way or the other, but Planning Department staff is recommending approval. Apologies for the poor quality scans of the renderings after the jump. · Conditional Use Application - 2601 Van Ness (pdf) [SF Planning]
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