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Realtor Rebrands Four Neighborhoods in One Fell Quadrangle

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There's few quicker ways to spark off a heated debate than by tangling with San Francisco neighborhood boundaries and names, which is why it's always surprising to see realtors throw themselves headfirst into the fray time and time (and time) again. The latest to kick up this duststorm is a Paragon agent who has produced the squint-inducing quadrangle seen above—and that's exactly what she's calling it. Yes, she's drawing lines, and taking names, lumping parts of Noe Valley, the Castro, Mission Dolores and the Inner Mission (to say nothing of smaller 'hoods such as Liberty Hill or the Mastro) all into one big generalized pie (or polygon) she calls "the Quad." "Quadsters" as everyone living here will henceforth be referred to, "like to hang in the sun with friends," don't cook for themselves, "make a lot of money," and only move around on fixed gears or in tech shuttles ("They take the Google Bus, the Apple Bus, or another of the reputedly less well equip shuttles like the eBay Bus").
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Mission Dolores Basilica

3321 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94114