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Supes Find New Ways to Keep Existing Housing Affordable

As expected, rents are getting more expensive as the population in San Francisco continues to rise. Today the mayor will be at the Board of Supervisor's hearing, and Board President Chiu is calling out his pledge to address the housing crisis. Instead of just building new housing, Sup. Chiu wants to preserve existing housing for residents and has a few ideas how to do it: 1) create a pathway to legalize the tens of thousands of existing in-law units; and 2) establish a right for tenants to make an offer to buy their buildings when their property is up for sale. He wants the mayor to pledge to identify funding for in-law units to be rehabbed and brought up code, and for tenants to acquire their buildings and keep them affordable through the Small Site Acquisition Fund. We'll see how the mayor responds.
· Formal Policy Discussions - March 11, 2014 [SF BOS]