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Kron-TV Studios on Van Ness Hit Market for $25 Million

1001 Van Ness Avenue, better known as the home of KRON-TV studios, has just hit the market asking an even $25 million. The network no longer needs the entire 106,000 square feet the building offers, and will be moving into a smaller space at 900 Front Street. The Van Ness location is expected to attract either a medical office tenant that will be excited by the proximity to the upcoming CPMC Hospital, or a residential developer. The plot is currently zoned for 130 feet and 200 units although the existing structure would need to be demolished. Whatever direction the building goes, it will add to the already-hot Van Ness corridor where many projects are underway or planned, including 100 Van Ness, Marlow, 1501 Filbert, the Van Ness BRT and the aforementioned CPMC hospital.
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The Marlow

1800 Van Ness, San Francisco, Ca 94109