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Last Week's Biggest Sales: $801K Over Asking in Noe Valley

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Listed for: $2,599,000
Received: $3,400,000
Size: 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,280-square-foot single-family home
Location: 836 Alvarado St., Noe Valley
The skinny: This home was designed by architect John Maniscalco, with a garden designed by the folks at Paxton Gate. It landed on the market in late February asking $2.599M, and it sold about two weeks later for $801K over asking. Not a typo, but we should mention that it last sold in 2007 for $2,695,000, meaning it was put on the market this time around with a very low asking price.

Listed for: $3,995,000
Received: $4,500,000
Size: 5-bed, 4-bath, 2,830-square-foot single-family home
Location: 3430 Baker St., Marina
The skinny: You can't really go wrong with a view of the Palace of Fine Arts from nearly every window. This home was listed on February 17 and went almost immediately into contract. It sold for $505K over asking less than a month later.

Listed for: $5,495,000
Received: $5,495,000
Size: 4-bed, 4.5-bath, single-family home
Location: 2746 Buchanan St., Pacific Heights
The skinny: Simply put, this is just a very nice home for a well-to-do family, or as the listing says, "the most discerning buyer." It was listed in very late January and sold on March 7 for asking.