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Dugoni Dentistry School Opens, Will House Eventbrite Offices

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The University of the Pacific marked the completion of its gleaming new $151 million dentistry campus in SoMa last Friday with an official dedication. The campus, at 155 Fifth Street near Mission, will house more than 1,000 students, faculty and staff, as well as the online events company Eventbrite. Eventbrite's co-founder, Julia Hartz, informed Business Insider that her company's new lease in the building is so expensive that it makes her "want to throw up." Eventbrite is taking the top two floors of the building, which make up 100,000 of the 395,000 square foot total. The tech company will have its own entrance and elevators along with prominent signage as part of the deal. A significant chunk of the new campus's purchase and renovation costs were covered by University of the Pacific's sale of its previous facility in Pacific Heights, which is now set to become million-dollar condos. The university will make the final move to its new digs in July.

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