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A Teeny, Tiny Slice of Hayes Valley Will Cost You $2,200/Month

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Microdwellings heads to Hayes Valley this week, where a 370-square-foot room of your own will run you $2,200/month. It's got great windows, a tiny eat-in area off the kitchen, and a walk-in closet that could fit a queen bed, if you wanted it to. However, using Trulia's numbers that we reported yesterday*, this apartment would rent for $1,386/month in a regular, non-tech-hub metropolitan area. Collective sigh.
*Trulia reported that San Francisco's average rent is 37% higher than that of non-tech-hub metropolitan areas. This percentage is for two bedroom apartments, so it may actually be higher for smaller units.
· $2200 / 370ft² - Studio Apartment (hayes valley) [SF Bay Craigslist]
· 5 Truths of Tech-Hub Housing Costs [Trulia]

Trulia, Inc

116 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94105