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Sort of on the Table: Voter Approval for Waterfront Projects

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Inspired by opponents taking 8 Washington to the ballot, now there's a measure that would require voter approval for any development on the waterfront that exceeds existing height limits. Activists collected more than double the signatures needed to add the ballot measure, which would require voter approval for projects like the Warriors Arena, Giants parking lot development, and Pier 70. Proponents are aiming at "protecting the waterfront from politically connected developers," which should start some interesting fireworks with the project-supporting Mayor. While the Warriors had already planned on bringing their project to voters, the ballot passing could cause extra time and costs for other projects. In the meantime the State Lands Commission, the agency who regulates use of the waterfront, is questioning the legality of it all and whether it's an infringement on state authority.
· Signatures for S.F. waterfront height limit measure filed [SF Gate]
· Voter signatures to qualify waterfront height measure on ballot await certification [SF Examiner]

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