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The Mission's Elbo Room to be Demo'd for Condos? Or Not?

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The Internet is abuzz with reports that the building at 645 Valencia, currently home to the Elbo Room, is slated for demolition to make way for a five-story nine bedroom condo project. Word comes from a very early-in-the-stages report known as a Preliminary Project Assessment that was recently submitted to the Planning Department, which isn't a project application but rather a feeler as to what kind of reports and approvals would be required. Word spread pretty quickly, but the Elbo Room was fast to respond to the report on their Facebook page saying they're "Not Going Anywhere, Anytime Soon." Is bar management unaware that changes are afoot? Have they changed their minds after the PPA? Are they playing coy to avoid drama?

Let's play devil's advocate and talk about what would be required for the project to happen. First, they'd need to do environmental review. Since the project is within the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan area, it was already approved to increased density development. The project sponsor would still have to do reports on whether the building is historic, if there's archaeological sites, a noise mitigation plan, greenhouse gas analysis, geotechnical investigation, hazardous waste assessment, and community outreach. This sounds like a lot, but is pretty typical for any development project.

That being said, it's likely to be met with some pretty intense community opposition, if the online comments trail is any indication. The bar did change ownership back in 2010, but who knows if that means anything. Any project is likely years away, if at all.
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