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Energy-Efficient Passive Houses Approved For Noe Valley

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Following the $4 million sale last year of San Francisco's first house built to Passive House Standards, meaning that the house was designed with specific sustainable building methods, two more passive houses are set to be built in the city. Passive houses reduce energy consumption by up to 80% using methods such as super-insulation, high-performance windows and doors and an air-tight building shell. The two new passive houses will be built side-by-side at 2123 and 2127 Castro Street in Noe Valley. Despite initial neighborhood opposition to the new houses, they received unanimous approval at last week's Planning Commission hearing. Just yesterday the city confirmed that future passive house projects will receive Priority Application Processing. The houses, which will be dubbed Equilibrium House #2 and #3 (the first passive house was #1) will not have furnaces and will instead receive heat from the sun and the people inside.
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