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Student Envisions Glassy Retreat Above the Sutro Baths

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The picturesque ruins of the Sutro Baths have been completely re-imagined by Academy of Arts graduate Quan Nyen Tran, whose vision calls for an airy glass-clad structure named the "Center For the Human Spirit." The building would include exhibition space, a "retreat" area and a meditation zone built above the ruins. Lovers of the baths in their current state need not fear though, as the Center was the merely the subject of Tran's master thesis, and is not an official proposal. The Baths themselves are already a great to place to meditate, and there's nothing more serene than an unobstructed view of the Pacific. Nevertheless, the renderings and concept have received deserved attention and are fun to contemplate, even though they'll surely never see the light of day.
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Sutro Baths

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