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The Wildest Perks On Offer at San Francisco's Tech Offices

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In the past few years, tech has dominated the San Francisco office space market, representing 61% of all new office space leases in 2012. Tech tenants often lure talent with promises of edgy offices and endless perks that seem to constantly get more creative and luxurious. Free lunches and dog-friendly offices are now passé. A new survey of the city's largest tech companies found that nearly every office has a game room these days and that to really stand out employers must provide field trips, company-paid Zipcar accounts and travel stipends.

$2,000 travel credit each year
Company "field trips" to San Francisco locations like SFMOMA and the Walt Disney Museum
Weekly in-office yoga classes

Complete music studio with drums, piano and amplifiers
Boardgame nights that include pingpong, Starcraft and a DDR machine
On-site haircuts and free credits for housecleaning services

Creative staff "Make-a-thons"
Five-minute dance parties
Boat trip celebrations
Bi-weekly running club

Dolby Laboratories
Company ski cabin offered at discounted rates
Early screenings of movies at Dolby offices
A flexible work schedule with every other Friday off (to take advantage of that ski cabin!)

Piston Cloud Computing
Company paid Zipcar and Taskrabbit accounts
Help with apartment searches
Friday fancy dress days
A beautiful, awesome hat of your choosing (bowler, fedora, panama… it's up to you)

Recess time including scavenger hunts
Company book club

Zen Room
Smoothie bar with Vitamix blender, fresh fruit and veggies
Briteside chats with visionary speakers
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