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The Hottest Instagram Spots in San Francisco Right This Second

A new website called HereFeed allows voyeurs and merely interested parties to see what areas of San Francisco (and other cities) are being tagged the most via Instagram photos, and it's all in real time. The biggest pink circles have the highest concentration of social media madness at this very moment. You can also view by "top" areas, which, no surprise, are tourist hotspots like the Golden Gate ridge and Alcatraz Island (though the #1 spot goes to Dolores Park). When we checked this afternoon, the biggest pink spots popped up at places to soak in this beautiful weather: Palace of Fine Arts, Baker Beach, Dolores Park, Fort Funston, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The "top" locations are: 1) Mission Dolores Park, 2) Ferry Building, 3) Golden Gate Bridge, 4) Launch Festival, and 5) Alcatraz Island.

The other areas available to browse are Sochi, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and Facebook HQ. You will have to log in with your Instagram account in order to use it. Here are some screenshots of the recently hot areas:

· HereFeed [Official website]