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Spending Twenty Minutes at Fourteenth and Dolores Streets

Fiercely distinct neighborhoods, high walkability, gorgeous architecture, with a wicked pace of change and growth; whatever is happening in San Francisco is happening on the street. To bring those stories from the field to you, Curbed is spending twenty minutes in a given location and liveblogging what they see. Want to nominate a place for this series? Hit up the tipline. Here's what happened today between 12:27 and 12:47 at the intersection of 14th and Dolores streets.

12:27pm: And we're live! Curbed contributor Jessica Mericle is on the scene to live blog what she's seeing for the next 20 minutes.
12:27pm: Hello 14th and Dolores--looks like I'm starting in on my first sunburn of 2014. Better duck behind this palm tree.
12:34pm: Three young professionals with MacBooks out. Is there wifi here? Note to self.

12:36pm: Loitering is happening. Public seating is always a double-edged sword. Props to Whole Foods for making us some street-side seating tho.
12:38pm: Construction site across Dolores bangs away with a full crew deep into their platform framing. Will this development also have a butterfly habitat?

12:39pm: Fellow sunbather/yogi on phone. Reading Curbed?

12:41pm: Basset hounds and a Daschund tied to a bike stand eagerly await their master filling his cart w/ probiotics and semi-organic produce.
12:44pm: Honest question: Does Whole Foods really need two parking attendants?
12:45pm: Master returns (enormous muscles, tattoos, indeed jars of probiotics) and Basset hounds make a scene. Children & cashiers come to miles to play with Bassett hounds.

12:47pm: Four teenagers. One backpack stereo system. One pitbull. Two skateboards.
12:47pm: And I'm outta here! Jessica out.

Mission Dolores Basilica

3321 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94114