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Second Phase of Hunters View Development Ready for Close-Up

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HOPE SF has already completed the first phase of the massive redevelopment of the Hunters View housing project , but today the Planning Commission will get an informational presentation on Phase II. One of the conditions of the original approval stipulated that later phases of development would require subsequent Planning Commission informational hearing to assure compliance with the original approval. The developer is ready to move forward to construct the rest of Hunters View, which consists of developing Blocks 7 and 11 (with approximately 107 units and 57-off street parking spots), one mini-park, and roughly six blocks of new roadway. Included in the presentation are shiny new plans and renderings from local favorites David Baker Architects and Paulett Taggart Architects. The Hunters View project in its entirety consists of demolishing and replacing all of the existing Housing Authority units (that's 267 units located in 50 existing buildings) and constructing a total of 800 units, 6,400 sq.ft. of resident-serving commercial uses, 21,600 sq.ft. of residential care and other supportive services, along with new streets, parks, and other open space.
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