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You Need to Make $115K/Year to Own a Home in San Francisco

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San Francisco has topped another list: this time it's the city that requires the highest annual salary in order to buy a home. According to a study from that ranked salaries needed to purchase a median-priced house or apartment in 25 metropolitan areas, San Franciscans need to make $115,510 a year to cover the principal and interest payments on the average home. That number doesn't factor in property taxes or insurance, not to mention things like furniture or heat.

The good news is that the $115K figure is actually down by more than $9,500 from's previous study only three months ago, largely due to a drop in mortgage rates.

The top three cities on the most recent list are all in California, with San Diego coming in a distant second by requiring an $81,570 salary and Los Angeles ranked third at $72,126. The most affordable cities on the list are Cincinnati, at $22,226, and Cleveland, where a homeowner need only make $19,435
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