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Pacific Heights Co-Op Unit Leaves the 8-Figure Club

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Was: $11,500,000
Then: $10,000,000
Now: $9,500,000
You Save: $2,000,000
2000 Washington St #3 has chopped its price again, this time taking it out of the 8-figure club. The Versailles-style 3-bed, 4.5-bath unit, with its 5,000+ square feet, sweeping Bay views, doorman, and 3 dedicated parking spaces, hit the market in September 2013 asking a whopping $11.5M. Since then, it has dropped its price in October to $10M, been de-listed in December and then re-listed three days later, and is now shaving another half-million off its ask. If that 7-figure price tag is looking a bit more reasonable, keep in mind that the HOA dues will still run you $3,800/month.
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