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What's the Deal with the Market Street Place Development?

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From the Curbed inbox:

What's happening besides not much with the Market Street Place retail development? Haven't seen anything new in the press since last Fall.
Seen as a major contributor in the revitalization of the blighted Mid-Market corridor, work began nearly a year ago on the plot at 935 Market Street with the removal of the old St. Francis Theater. That work finished up in the fall and the parcel has sat mostly untouched since then. Momentum to construct the new 250,000 sq. ft. retail palace seemed to have been lost when Nordstrom Rack chose to anchor the existing 901 Market Street location next door. That decision came around the same time demolition work was being completed and the project has gone silent since. The website for the project is still live (with no updates since April) and Mid-Market is still booming, so the developers are most likely in a holding pattern until they find an anchor tenant they can plan around.
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