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28 New Units Coming to Mississippi Street in Potrero Hill

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An oft-forgotten dead-end stretch of Mississippi Street will soon be home to 28 new market-rate residences. According to Ian Birchall and Associates, the architects designing the project, the complex will consist of a "village-like clustering of buildings linked with exterior walkways" that will offer panoramic views of the Bay. The buildings may look inconsequential when viewed at street level, but aerial renderings confirm that they will in fact occupy a huge portion of undeveloped hillside between Mississippi and Texas streets. There's no word yet on when construction will begin, though surely developers eager to take advantage of sky-high demand for residential real estate are working to put shovels in the ground soon. The area surrounding the site is currently a little rough around the edges, but that will change once the massive Potrero housing complex redevelopment adjacent to 1000 Mississippi finally gets going.
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