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Tiny Single-Family House to Multiply in Corona Heights

Up on 17th Street, one property owner is hoping tomorrow's Planning Commission will allow them to the turn a tiny house on a massive lot into enough housing for four families. The little single-family house at 4126 17th Street sits on a 5,549 sq. ft. lot, and is slated for demo in favor of an interesting plan of two new structures connected by a bridge. First an 8,000 sq.ft., three-story, 75' three family structure (each floor a separate three-bedroom unit) would be constructed at the front of the lot, with the garage level holding six parking spots. Then in the rear of the 150' deep lot, they'd construct another detached three-story, three-bedroom unit accessed by a walkway bridge that's connected to the entry stairs of the main building or an elevator in the garage.

This unorthodox layout came from years of project planning - back in 1992 a project for two-building-plus-courtyard was approved, but never happened due to the recession. Then in 2007, a revised version had a structure that occupied the whole lot, but got push back when neighbors and the city were concerned about maintaining the existing mid-block open space. This newest iteration by SIA maintains the open space by separating the two buildings, and has the blessing of Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association and Planning Department staff.

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