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S.F. Leads State With Lowest Per Capita Water Consumption

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Despite the recent storm that dumped all over the Bay Area, California is still mired in a drought and water-conservation efforts are being lauded by State officials. The solution: be more like San Francisco. The City by the Bay leads California, using less than half of the 100 gallon/day/person average. The current 49 gallon consumption rate represents a 12 percent reduction is usage over the last 20 years. Residential use is actually down 18 percent over the same time period, mostly attributed to more efficient toilets, shower heads, and washing machines, the biggest water-users in the average home. Even with the city's miserly water consumption record, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is asking residents for a voluntary 10 percent reduction in water use during the drought by being "a little more mindful than usual."
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