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The Smallest Apartment for Rent in SF Is Just 216 Square Feet

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What appears to be the smallest apartment for rent in San Francisco right now is in Noe Valley, and it is a mere 216 square feet. The diminutive dwelling is being called a "mini-studio" and is asking $1,425 a month. There is, of course, just one room that looks like it would fit a bed and not much else. It's accompanied by a kitchen nook that is only a few feet wide and has a very small sink, a mini-fridge, one small cabinet and possibly a drawer. There's also a shelf where we assume dishes would go. If you want to cook, a hot plate or a microwave are your only options.

This apartment is both smaller and more expensive than the sketchy-looking former Airbnb unit that popped up in Bernal this fall—and even smaller than a legit micro-apartment. The minimum size for newly developed micro-units is 220 square feet.

There also don't appear to be any windows in the main room, with the only light coming from the kitchen and bathroom. And while there is no parking or laundry on-site, there seems to be adequate closet space, and all utilities are included in the rent. It's located on a prime corner in Noe Valley at the intersection of Castro and 24th streets, near lots of restaurants and shopping. That's especially useful because we imagine that whoever rents this place isn't going to want to spend a lot of time in their new apartment. And for those of you who find yourselves weirdly tempted by the $1,425 price—hey, in this insanely competitive market, minds play weird tricks—let the record show that you can do a lot better for just $1,300 in New York.

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