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Impeccable St. Francis Wood Mediterranean Asks $2.995M

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Saint Francis Wood is filled with grand, Mediterranean-style homes built in the 1920s. The one at 225 San Anselmo Avenue has got to be one of the prettiest, and it just hit the market asking $2.995 million. The five-bedroom house has been in the same family for more than 39 years, and it's been impeccably kept up. Although the kitchen and bathrooms aren't new or luxurious, they are definitely functional, and most have something of a simple, pleasing style that fits with the home's other period details (the main exception being a pink powder room that probably needs some redoing).

The entryway to the house sets the tone for the rest of its interiors. The heavy wooden door is set within a carved arched doorway surrounded by tiling. The doorway opens up into a light-filled entryway with more arches, beamed ceilings with hand-painted designs, tiled floors, and intricate light fixtures. Stained glass, a carved fireplace, and wrought iron make all the requisite flourishes. The bedrooms are huge and there's also a porch that looks out onto palms and greenery.

· 225 San Anselmo Avenue [Official Site]