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Pepto-Pink Horror Gets a Makeover, Promptly Sells Over Asking

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Back in September, we reached for the Pepto-Bismol when a bright pink midcentury home at 2 Turquoise Way in Diamond Heights hit the market. The house was asking $1.495 million, a price that seemed somewhat ambitious for a place with an inexplicable castle door above the fireplace, bathrooms with chandeliers that appeared to be made out of dead plants, and clashing electric blue and green paint. Buyers must have been as horrified by the house as we were, because it went off the market for a few weeks, only to reappear with some quick aesthetic fixes and a lowered ask of $1.295 million.
The mini-makeover appears to have worked. The house sold for $1.505 million—even higher than its original ask—this week. Its biggest change was to its facade color, which toned down from that Pepto pink to a muted brown (we're sure the neighbors were happy about that, too). The interiors were painted white and staged with inoffensive furniture, although nothing could really be done about those bathrooms. The bizarre door above the fireplace was also impossible to get rid of quickly, so it was awkwardly covered with a piece of modern art. We hope that the buyers thought to take a look at what's underneath.

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