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What $3,350/Month Rents You in San Francisco

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in various SF 'hoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! This week we've found five listings within $100 of the November 2014 median rental rate for a one-bedroom in San Francisco: $3,350.

↑ If an airy and bright pet-friendly apartment (with rent control) is what you require, consider this two-bedroom apartment in the Tenderloin for $3,395/month. The tall ceilings throughout are fab, and the apartment's got in-unit laundry. No parking.

↑ A two-bedroom single-family home in Midtown Terrace (near Twin Peaks) just hit the rental market for $3,400/month. There are wood floors throughout, a pretty kitchen with old-school charm (we spot an antique Robertshaw gas stove), and a garage with laundry. The backyard is paved and the front yard's landscaping is professionally managed. No dogs, but cats are OK.

↑ New digs at the Potrero in (you guessed it) Potrero Hill will run you $3,300/month, or at least that's the going rate for this 778-square-foot one-bedroom. The nice thing about living in a big community like this is you get tons of manicured outdoor space and a sizable fitness center. The unit itself is technically a one-bedroom, though there is a pretty large den off of the living area. Laundry and parking are included, but sadly no pets are allowed.

↑ This single-family home in Bayview clocks in at 1,200 square feet and has three bedrooms plus a bonus room. There's also a paved backyard and a garage. Rental rate? $3,300/month. Sure, there's carpet throughout, but the fireplace works and new appliances are currently being installed in the kitchen. No pets.

↑ Where Fillmore meets Beach in the Marina, there's an 800-square-foot one-bedroom for rent at $3,300/month. It's on the top floor and has gleaming—gleaming!—hardwood floors throughout. Need parking? That'll run you an extra $300 a month. There's no parking or pets.
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