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Here's the View from Marc Benioff's Future Office at the Top of the Salesforce Tower

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When the Cesar Pelli-designed Salesforce Tower is finished, it will be the tallest building in San Francisco, rising 61 floors and 1,070 feet into the sky. Salesforce is set to occupy the building's bottom 30 stories, as well as the very top floor. We figure that the views from the tower's highest offices (Marc Benioff's future executive suite?) will probably be utterly incredible, so we sent a drone up to the highest spot that the tower will eventually occupy. As expected, the for-now-empty airspace up there offers sweeping views to the Bay Bridge, across downtown (where other tall buildings seem small in comparison), and all the way out to Sutro Tower on the horizon.

The first five photos show the view from 1,070 feet above the city, at the tower's future peak. Assuming that Benioff does take the top office, this is what he'll see when he looks out his windows (or maybe stands on his desk, since we're fuzzy on how much space things like the mechanical system in the ceiling will take up.) The next few images look down to the city below. Subsequent photos show what the still-divine views from the lower floors may look like. We happen to be partial to the views from the top, so if Benioff does decide to take a lower-down office we'll happily move into the 61st floor.

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