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The 14 Most Striking San Francisco Maps of 2014

As one of the original forms of infographics, maps are useful for all sorts of things, from spying on neighbors' finances to charting death all over the city to laying down San Francisco stereotypes in cartographic form. This year we mapped all that and so, so much more, and we've combed through it all to bring you 14 of our very favorite maps of 2014. What, you want more? Navigate this way and also this way for many more.

Old Maps of San Francisco Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

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This San Francisco Map Will Offend Pretty Much Everyone

Mapping 29 Pieces of Public Art Across San Francisco

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Mapping the 15 Best Privately Owned Public Open Spaces

An Entire Year of SF's Most Heart-Stopping House Flips, Mapped

Spy On Everyone with This Insanely Detailed Property Tax Map

Mapping 40 Major Changes Reshaping the Mid-Market Corridor

Judgy Infographic Reveals What Your Zip Code Says About You

Mapping 66 of San Francisco's Best Lesser-Known Public Parks

Morbid Data-Mining Site Reveals if Someone Died in Your Home

More Old Maps of San Francisco Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

Mapping the Real Housecats of San Francisco

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