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225-Square-Foot Studio Wants You to Sleep in a Terrifying Bunk Bed for $1750/Month

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The latest very tiny, very expensive studio to hit the San Francisco rental market is just 225 square feet and is being advertised as a "cozy mini studio for one person" near Duboce Park. Among the apartment's many obvious drawbacks, perhaps the biggest is a rickety-looking bunk bed that must stay, according to the listing. The bed's unsteady frame inspires visions of crashing down through the glass table that sits below it in the middle of the night. And although the bed is included in the $1,750-per-month rent, a mailing address is not: The listing notes that the new resident will need to get a PO box for mail.

The apartment, which sounds like it's on the second floor of a Victorian, consists of one eight-foot-by-eleven-foot room and a bathroom. In addition to the bunk bed, there is room for one small table. No parking or laundry comes with the unit, but the listing helpfully advertises street parking (with permit) and a laundromat in the neighborhood as amenities.

Actual amenities include a private entrance, hardwood floors, and a window that gives a bit of natural light. Utilities, including electricity and Wi-Fi, are built into the rent, and while kudos are not exactly in order, we should add that the unit is a touch bigger than this 216-square-foot studio recently on offer in Noe Valley. Those extra nine square feet will cost you, though—this place wants $325 more than the Noe one, and demands that the future tenant be a "student or young professional" with a credit score of at least 700. Also? "No pets, drugs, smoking or parties." Or sleepovers, apparently.

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