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Scary-Looking Sinkhole Opens Up on Lake Street Near 6th Ave

A sinkhole the size of a small swimming pool broke open on Lake Street, exposing a gas line. The hole was reported just after 8 a.m. this morning, according to NBC Bay Area:

San Francisco police stood guard over the large sinkhole in the street at the intersection of Lake Street and Sixth Avenue to prevent anyone from falling in and getting hurt.

PG&E was on the scene, working to turn off the gas line. The past six days of rain, and the erosion it brings, have brought several potholes and sinkholes to the city's streets, though we haven't seen one like this. NBC notes that a smaller hole appeared on the Bay Bridge as well.

· Potholes, Sinkholes Appear on 6th Consecutive Day of Rain in San Francisco, Bay Bridge [NBC Bay Area]

Lake Street & 6th Avenue, San Francisco