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Sad Potrero Fixer Sells for More Than Double Its Asking Price

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Over in Potrero Hill, a two-story fixer-upper hit the market in late October asking $849,000. The house, built in 1904, boasts a garage, a small backyard, and views over the city and bay, but its interiors are fairly basic. (The photos, which aren't even trying, look like they were shot with a circa-2003 flip phone.) That didn't deter buyers. In less than three weeks the place sold for $1.75 million, more than double the asking price.

Of course, the house was purchased in all cash, and we'd bet any amount of money that it will reappear on the market in a shiny new renovated version sometime in the next year or so. That currently leafy and slightly overgrown backyard will become an aggressively bland entertaining area—maybe with a backyard TV?—the main living space will be reconfigured in an open plan, and there's a pretty good chance that a soaking tub will be involved.

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