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Ex-Foreclosure with Noe Pretensions Triples Price, Asks 3.995M

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The latest very fancy flip to pop up in San Francisco isn't even officially on the MLS yet, but it looks like it's going to be a big one. The house, which sits on the edge of Glen Park, last went for $1.325 million as a two-unit building back in March of 2013 after being sold at a foreclosure auction the year before for $693K. At the time, it featured some ugly greenish-yellow carpeting, two shabby kitchens (one in each unit), and a run-down garage. The house has, of course, been completely redone and now is totally unrecognizable. This flip is one of the most dramatic transformations we've ever seen and is now about to hit the market for $3.995 million, which is $2.67 million above its last sale price.
The four-bedroom home is now modern, glassy, and open, with a dramatic main living space topped with skylights and a kitchen that opens up to views across the city. There are custom white oak cabinets, cold-rolled steel railings with glass, and SmartHome functionality. There are also four decks, and a landscaped garden. And although the house is on Randall Street and technically in Glen Park, its brokers are making a big deal of its proximity to Noe Valley, with more than fifty Noe neighborhood shots on the official website.

· 162 Randall Street [Official Site]
· 162 Randall Street [Redfin]