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Striking Historical Photos of San Francisco Underwater

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It's official: More rain has fallen in the past four days than fell in all of 2013. Today a wading-pool-size sinkhole opened up on Lake Street, and last night three cars got trapped underwater beneath 101. That's a lot of drama for a place that's unaccustomed to the sight of mud, and where news crews routinely broadcast blurry shots of the city because no one remembers to wipe off the camera lens. So we went in search of archival flood photos and discovered that, lo, it also rained in the years 1906, 1940, 1944, 1945, and 1952. In 1941, heavy rains even caused a massive cave-in on the street at 34th Avenue in Parkside. · Rain, mud arrive in thirsty Southern California [USAT]
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