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Local Luminaries Sum Up 2014 in Three Words

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Welcome to Year in Curbed, wherein we close out 2014 by asking local design, real estate, and media luminaries to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of a year's worth of development in San Francisco. The answers are in no particular order; all responses have been cut and pasted unabridged, below.

Photo of Transbay Transit Center construction via Patricia Chang
Q: Sum up 2014 in three words.

Brock Keeling, culture editor at 7x7 magazine: Up, up, up.

John King, urban design critic at the San Francisco Chronicle: Cranes, dubious disruption.

David Baker, principal at David Baker Architects: OMG!

Anne Fougeron, principal at Fougeron Architecture: Mach-speed growth.

Cliff Kuang, articles editor at WIRED: No. More. NIMBYs.

Denise Cherry, principal at Studio O+A (and Curbed Young Gun): Build + $$$ = Traffic

Marc L'Italien, principal at EHDD: Too much glass…

Kevin Ho, broker associate at Vanguard Properties: Over. Asking. Price.

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